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Professional XLR Equipped Rechargeable Bluetooth Receiver For Mixers and PA Systems with Easy Bluetooth Connectivity and Stereo Linking.

  • Easy Pair Bluetooth Connectivity : Stream audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers
  • Stereo Linking : Bluetooth links two receivers for cable free stereo playback
  • Ultra Convenient Charging : Micro USB port for charging or continuous AC power for fixed use
  • Ready for Anything: Battery or AC powered

The Professional XLR Bluetooth Receiver has an exceptional coverage length of 50 ft. This is plenty of range for wedding, party, or DJ gigs where superior, reliable sound quality is demanded.

Model: ALTO Bluetooth Total

Wireless audio streaming from your media device to powered loud speakers for indoor/outdoor, large and small events such as weddings, parties, DJ gigs, galas, backyard BBQs, reunions and more.