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A direct box, or Passive DI Box, provides the facility for the direct insertion of an audio signal into a mixer or recorder. The Passive DI-Box offers a variety of DI solutions for live sound and recording applications. You can connect all kinds of audio signals like guitars, keyboards, outboard signal processors. It supports a balanced connection which provides cancellation of hums and buzzes while leaving the original signal pure.

The DI-Box is a tool for interfacing various audio sources. Send instrument and microphone signals to consoles, while simultaneously sending signal to monitor speakers in sound reinforcement and recording applications.
The DI-Box features a 1/4″ phone line input, XLR and 1/4″ outputs, parallel connection, and attenuation switch.
Enables to Tap Off the Signals w/out Affecting the Original Sound.

Input attenuation: switchable (0db, -20db, -40db)
Instrument input: 50K unbalanced 1/4″ TS jack
Parallel (Link) out: 50K unbalanced 1/4″ TS jack
600 ohm balanced XLR output jack
Switchable ground lift
All steel chassis

Model: PYLE PDC21


  • Connects All Kinds of Audio Signals like Guitars, Keyboards, etc.
  • Suitable for Outboard Signal Processors & High-Powered Speaker
  • Useful for Connecting Unbalanced Signals from Sources like Signals DJ and Sub Mixers
  • Provides a Clean Signal at a Low Level
  • Plug-in Guitar Directly into the PA System
  • Easy to Use Passive Electronic Device